Crack detection during spring coiling

Detect cracks reliably and automatically with the QASS measuring system.


Inline crack detection

QASS enables real-time crack detection when coiling springs. We monitor every millisecond of the process and any defective components are automatically ejected from the system.

Data analysis through pattern recognition

Real-time evaluation of measurement data using pattern recognition: cracks are detected and analysed using stored signal patterns. This is followed by immediate transmission of the result (IO/NIO) via the Profinet interface.

100% Quality control

Coiling and winding processes are seamlessly monitored by our structure-borne sound sensors, minimising the need for downstream quality checks. The system works fully automatically and visual samples are no longer necessary.

Simple retrofit

Sensors can be fitted to any existing system. The installation is completed in one morning and we connect seamlessly to the machine control system.

Efficient quality assurance in spring production

During the production of springs, there is a recurring occurrence of the typical formation of cracks, which can later lead to the need for replacement or defects in the component. More and more industries in the manufacturing sector are striving to elevate safety standards to a higher level and counteract this issue. Each spring is carefully inspected to ensure that it meets the high standards through visual inspections, measurements, and possibly even functional tests. By utilizing QASS, we can significantly simplify this process and free up working time for the employees.

QASS can now detect cracks that are of significance fully automatically, taking quality assurance to a new level.

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How it works

The QASS Optimizer4D in use.

With over 50 million scans per second, our structure-borne sound sensors seamlessly record every piece of information from your production process. The collected data is then analysed, categorized and processed in real time by our Optimizer4D measuring system. The recorded structure-borne sound signals can be displayed and tracked in our FFT landscape as shown in the image below. Our new features such as clustering and the associated pattern recognition, as well as corresponding frequency filters and masks, allow us to precisely separate important signals from background noise or machine noise and analyze them within milliseconds.

Structure-borne sound image of a coiling process of a spring in the QASS Optimizer4D measuring system.

Our concept

The monitoring of the spring coiling process is divided into three degrees of complexity.



Simple process monitoring is activated in the basic version of the monitoring model. This is used to monitor the development of structure-borne sound signals in the process itself.
This allows a statement to be made about the quality of the primary material (material with more cracks before winding or material that is fundamentally "worse" is more noticeable in terms of emissions than material that is within the standard), as well as damage to wind pins. Depending on the number and position of the installed sensors, the feed rollers can also be checked.


In addition to the advantages resulting from the Basic monitoring
the "Advanced" version is equipped with simple crack detection. equipped. Cracks that reach a critical size for the customer are detected detected by the Optimizer4D. 
Depending on how our customer wishes to deal with cracks, we can stop the machine machine, send a warning to the system so that it can react later in the process, or process, or draw attention to them in some other way.
Price: 14.500 EUR


In addition to the benefits of "Basic" and "Advanced", the
Expert level offers the opportunity to analyze the process even further. It is now possible to detect microcracks, connect additional sensor sources in order to more data and use AI/machine learning to make meta-statements about the process. about the process. This level is ideal for experienced users who not only want to optimize their processes optimize their processes economically and technically, but also want to mechanics and correlations in order to optimize the process as such be able to optimize or better understand the process as such.
Price: 19.500 EUR

Scope of delivery:
Optimizer4D Measurement system
2TB SSD Hard disk
Optimizer4D measuring chain ( preamplifier, structure-borne sound sensor, cable )
12“ o. 15“ Touch Display

The Optimizer4D is intended for installation in a machine control cabinet. This must be air-conditioned or have ventilation.

8TB hard disk instead of 2TB
Upgrade from basic to advanced 4.000 EUR
Upgrade from advanced to expert 6.000 EUR
Optimizer housed in its own control unit (at an extra charge)
Accommodation of the Optimizer in a mobile "expert case" (at an extra charge)

Machine communication:
24V/IO-Communication ( inclusive )
ProfiBus ( at an extra charge )
ProfiNet ( at an extra charge )

Graphical User Interface ( GUI )
The Optimizer user interface has several levels. The top level, which is visible to everyone, is the "PenGUI", a customizable interface on which the simplest information can be viewed easily and intuitively. Crack rates, trend developments or simple "red"-"green" displays provide the machine operator with the necessary information quickly and clearly. If someone with higher access rights logs in, they can delve deeper into the process, view signals in their raw state, adjust the pattern library, etc. The focus is on displaying only the absolutely necessary data on the machine.



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Target definition

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Data analysis

The QASS measurement technology is installed and records data, which is then analyzed.


The measurement technology is specially adapted to your purposes.


Our system is tested and optimized at your premises under production conditions.

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