Non-destructive monitoring in tube drawing processes

The QASS measuring system for automated testing and optimization of tube drawing processes

Revolutionize your tube drawing processes with the unique Optimizer4D measurement system from QASS. Highly accurate measurements on your machine are evaluated and interpreted in real time to make your production faster and better.

Avoid chatter marks

QASS enables a significant reduction of chatter marks, even up to complete avoidance. We monitor every milisecond of the production process and intervene early in the drawing process before any damage to the material can occur.

100 % Inline-Monitoring

We monitor each millimeter of the tube at any drawing speed. No manual intervention by the employee is necessary.

Increase your drawing speed

The drawing speed is automatically reduced as needed for short periods. In this way, the maximum speed of the machine is utilized without unnecessarily reducing efficiency due to quality concerns.

Retrofit made easy

Retrofitting a machine takes only a few hours. Our sensors can be mounted to any existing equipment. Retrofitting can be completed in one morning, seamlessly integrating withe the machine's control system.

QASS measurement technology in use

Due to various factors acting on each other within the tube drawing process, large oscillations - also called chatter - easily occur. As soon as the chatter starts, unevenness occurs on the material surface. QASS has developed the Optimizer4D for structure-borne noise analysis, the first way to automate testing and optimize the process at the same time.

With the QASS Optimizer4D, vibrations can be detected at an early stage in order to subsequently reduce the drawing speed of the machine. In this way, chatter marks and associated production errors can be avoided.

Avoid production errors

Vibrations can occur during the drawing process, leading to chatter marks on the tube surface. The chatter marks are caused by the specific friction of the system as a product of the drawing speed and the degree of deformation of the material. In addition to the tribological properties of the product, the natural frequencies of the measuring system, which consists of the tool and component, represent a further quality feature.

Similar to wave propagation in water, vibrations can occur, add up and cause the overall system to vibrate at its natural frequency. The result is irregularly shaped surfaces with chatter marks. Once oscillated, a system-relevant quantity must be reduced to avoid chatter marks. The reduction of friction is achieved by a rapid reduction of the drawing speed.

The status quo

Up to now, it has not been possible to detect the start of the drawing process. The drawing process is monitored manually by the machine operators, who must rely on his acoustic and tactile senses. This is not an easy task in industrial production, so that production errors occur time and again. In order to avoid high reject rates, many manufacturers therefore operate in advance with drawing speeds below full capacity.

Measurement method structure-borne sound

By means of structure-borne sound analysis, important signals can be detected before damage occurs. The machine speed can be reduced in a timely manner to prevent damage.

More about structure-borne sound

Automation of your production process

With the help of structure-borne sound analysis, our process experts have succeeded in detecting the settling of the drawing process before chatter marks occur and in implementing automated control. The measurements are documented and displayed in real time.

QASS' measurement technique uses piezoelectric sensors that detect early vibrations of the tube as a sequence of rapidly occurring micro-pulses before the chatter marks become visible.​

Thanks to digital filters for noise suppression, QASS passes even in the most difficult production conditions. Through real-time monitoring and constant connection to the machine's PLC, QASS can automatically reduce the drawing speed for a few seconds. This stabilizes the entire process and averts damage. Subsequently, the speed can be increased again to full load. In this way, QASS reduces the reaction time from minutes to milliseconds.

By converting the analysis concept to programmable content, rapid integration into all types of industrial production environments is possible. The user interface for displaying relevant data is customized by us to meet the needs of our customers.

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