Intelligent measurement systems

QASS measurement systems steadily stay on the cutting edge of technology and expand their repertoire on a daily basis. The use of advanced technologies such as pattern recognition, clustering algorithms and deep learning is a matter of course for QASS and an integral part of our way of working.


Crack detection during straightening

We are the global leader in crack detection. Our measuring system "Optimizer4D" is equipped with an innovative analysis concept that reduces pseudo scrap and unveils every detail of the straightening process by analyzing intensity, energy curve and frequency.

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Chatter mark detection during tube drawing

The QASS Optimizer4D can detect vibrations at an early stage in order to subsequently reduce the drawing speed of the machine. In this way, chatter marks and associated production defects can be avoided.

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Hardness testing 
of materials

With our µmagnetic measuring system, you can test the hardness of ferromagnetic materials in a non-contact and non-destructive manner. Through real-time spectral analysis, the properties of your material are visible live and evaluated in real time.

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The Revolution in Industrial Measurement Technology

​QASS specializes in component monitoring, process optimization, crack detection and tool monitoring. As the global leader in crack detection during the straightening of steel shafts, our new High Frequency Impulse Measurement (HFIM) process has set new standards.

Cognitive sensing is interpretive measurement - Optimizer4D autonomously and in real-time detects when a production process exceeds tolerance limits. QASS systems analyze large amounts of sensor data in real time, uncovering hidden patterns. The combination of cognitive measurement technology and high-frequency structure-borne sound enables a new dimension in process data analysis. Where previously only noise was measurable, insights can now be gained that qualitatively describe the state of a machining process. Machines can thus autonomously evaluate whether the last machining step was successful. 

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Quality assurance

100% workpiece monitoring - including complete documentation.

Tool monitoring

Condition inspection of 
tool and machine.​

Crack detection

In-process and non-destructive crack detection during straightening.​

Process optimization

Reduction of scrap and optimization of maintenance intervals.

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