Introduction QASS Release-Event 2020

July 14, 2020 by

“It is more than just an update, we are facing a new paradigm in software development and customer relations. The very special last few months have allowed us to complete many developments and create a whole new type of measuring device”.

Ulrich Seuthe -CEO and Founder of QASS

“We try to design our measurement technology according to our human brain. Every crack we make, every machine, small or large, generates amazing and complex signals, we call it information, information that we have to interpret in order to understand the machines.”

“Digitization builds up a certain pressure and also a certain demand on our measurement technology. We don’t particularly experience this pressure, QASS is a natural friend of digitization. Other industries feel this pressure much more strongly.”

“We are discussing how mechanical engineering in Europe can develop away from its “We process steel and we have controls and drive systems” towards intelligent analysis and sensor technology. Some people are calling for a faster introduction, we see “Digitization and Industry 4.0″ as a rising tide that is putting water on our mills. Autonomous machines need intelligent sensor systems.”

“In other words, we try to make sense of patterns in a fully automated way by assigning signal structures in emissions and sounds as different words and terms, and once recognized, we store them in a pattern library in the measuring device. …so we can make our systems work and learn faster and more automatically.”

“Scripting is ideal for all the different types of assembly processes, every process looks different; we simply formulate the appropriate measurement logic, combine several sensor types, and evaluate the quality of components and machines".

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