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July 14, 2020 by

Why scripting?

For almost 20 years QASS measuring systems have been deciding on the quality of industrial components. For this purpose, we combine our sensors with fast hardware-based data transformations and sophisticated decision algorithms.
We evaluate structure-borne noise, the emissions that machines and components generate during their processing, in order to understand whether something is currently being damaged or is functioning optimally. Big-Data has always been the information basis for this.
The requirements of complex acoustic analysis have forced us early on to choose innovative and unique approaches in order to be able to measure successfully in the harsh industrial environment.

This almost naturally results in some elements of our company philosophy:

  1. find a sophisticated measurement object and solve the task in a particularly intelligent way.
  2. develop even smarter measuring instruments for even more demanding tasks and for an ever better solution to tasks already mastered.
  3. form great teams with inquisitive, constantly learning “inventors” who are particularly keen to take on demanding challenges.
  4. develop and build simple, rugged measuring computers that do the routine work in all kinds of industrial processes.

New possibilities for creative specialists

We have done it again. We have developed something “special”, scripting.

With it we can implement all four elements of our company’s philosophy mentioned above faster, better, cheaper. Scripting opens up completely new possibilities for creative specialists to design measurement technology.
QASS measuring instruments are now programmable. Each analysis can be programmed completely and specifically.

Scripting is not only built into our measuring instruments to be able to measure better, it is also built into our teams to be able to develop better. Scripting enables a new way of working.

Our teams are currently developing it. In mid-June we presented the new software on a “small” scale and the teams presented the results of four workshops and the related topics signal clustering and sensor fusion.
To share our findings, we produced several films of this event and put them together in a series of seven sequences. We describe our changed development paradigm in a film about our new 4-phase method.

We have been implementing all the innovations described for quite some time, but the current crisis, this economic lockdown out of the blue, has given us enormous encouragement to set out courageously. We believe that this is the best time to break new ground.

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