Technology Leap for Wire Drawing

April 8, 2016 by
Marco Marino

The visitor traffic in the exhibition hall was enormous: Hundreds of interested parties and business people from all over the world visited the stand of Koch, where QASS demonstrated, in step with actual practice, which advantages the cognitive measuring systems by QASS have for the wire industry. The visitors were thrilled by the new technical accomplishments. Cognitive sensor technology was the magnet to visitors of the Wire 2016 in Dusseldorf.

Quality monitoring for wire drawing

Quality monitoring for the wire industry: An innovation by QASS, in collaboration with the wire experts of Koch, which introduces a whole new standard of quality assurance and automated process monitoring. The cognitive measuring systems by QASS can document the quality of wires, monitor the wear of drawing dies and increase the drawing speed while maintaining the quality. The production process as a whole is recorded and evaluated. If a ring, for example, runs faultlessly, the quality can be documented – even micro anomalies in the primary materials can be detected. This means a 100% real-time monitoring, non-destructive and in-process.

The second prime innovation by QASS: Micro-magnetic sensing. This system allows the testing of the degree of hardness of metals. This technique is still in its development phase, a first prototype has been displayed at the wire.

Cognitive measurement systems qualifies wire drawing

The basis of the cognitive measuring systems by QASS is High-Frequency-Impulse-Measuring (HFIM). Sensors receive structure-borne sound signals which are converted into a three dimensional depiction via Fast-Fourier-Transformation and are displayed in a process topology. But the measuring system can do more – it can autonomously assess when the process parameters are exceeding determined tolerance thresholds.

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