QASS Studies Machining and Cutting even Better

July 3, 2017 by
Marco Marino

QASS broadens the company-owned train of machines – with the metal cutting machine VM-6 from the german manufacturer Haas. With this input, QASS is able to analyze and study the characteristics of manufacturing processes like machining, metal cutting, milling and chipping even better than before.

We’re excited, because the VM-6 is not only very powerful and made for our needs, it has also a very specific talent – the traveling distance in x-direction is 1,60 meters (roundabout 63 inches)!

Some operating figures of our new machine:

  • Side-mounted tool changer (24+1 tool positions) changes tools within 2.8 seconds
  • The inline spindle with direct drive offers 12,000 rpm and electronic star-delta switching​
  • The table is of special design with T-slots in X and Y directions, as well as precision mortises, bores and tapped holes.​
  • 22.4 kW double vector drive system​
  • 40-series steep taper spindle with 12,000 rpm​
  • and, and, and...

Better integrated quality assurance for machining and metal cutting machines

Up to this time, our measuring system​ Optimizer4D, Brüche und verschlissene Schneiden in Zerspanungsprozessen zu detektieren. In Zukunft wollen wir diesen Funktionsumfang deutlich erweitern und weitere mögliche Fehlerquellen detektieren, vollautomatisch und in Echtzeit:

  • Evaluation of cooling lubricant: Condition of quality and adequacy of additives for the actual machining process​
  • Deviation of the surface quality of the workpiece or product from the ideal condition:
  • Chatter marks
  • cracks
  • faulty surfaces
  • Prevention of tool breakage​
  • Controlling the supply of cooling lubricant (may be faulty due to bad angle of nozzle or soiled nozzle)​
  • Integrated sensors and Improve communication machine – measuring system

Here you will find examples of currently available solutions for integrated quality monitoring of machining processes with Optimizer4D.

Delivery of our new metal cutting machine

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