Trainings and workshops in China

October 5, 2016 by
Marco Marino

What does the future of quality assurance look like? This question is not only asked by companies in the western parts of the earth, but also in China trainings and workshops for our products are in demand.

Our Chinese sales partner Nanjing Hedera Commerce and its team, led by HaiXian Wang has answers.

At the end of September Mrs. Wang offered trainings in Shanghai. QASS has sent a service technician from Germany to China to provide advice and represent the practice alongside the theory. The trainings and workshops have been received excellently by the customers, not only because of the technical innovations, but also because of the participants, who all came from a diverse pool of industries. Therefore, the training was both informative and a good opportunity to exchange experiences and to network.

In addition to the training, a two-day workshop with an emphasis on the latest applications of our system to monitor quality in the areas of, for example, wire drawing, fitting, bending-and-straightening, chipping, and plastic injection moulding, or tool monitoring, was offered. The technological lead with our cognitive measuring systems to optimize quality of different production processes is ever fascinating to our clients.

Due to the good approval, regular trainings will now be offered in China.

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