Efficient data management and network solutions with the Optimiser4D​

Our data is invaluable. It is therefore crucial to store, organise and access it efficiently. With Optimiser4D, we offer a powerful solution for data management in distributed networks and in the cloud.

Compact data format and flexible storage options​

Our data is stored in a compact format that saves space but still contains all the necessary information. With our specially developed tools, this data can be stored in distributed network or cloud storage. You can track the data in different compression levels to obtain a comprehensive history of a component or machine. This enables thorough analysis and tracing of data over a longer period of time.​

Example of database access

Powerful Python libraries for data processing​

Our Python libraries are at the heart of Optimizer4D. They enable easy indexing and targeted searching of measurement data, which ensures a quick start to the analysis. We also offer tools that allow you to load our data into Python notebooks quickly and easily. This enables rapid prototyping and makes it easier to work with different data sets.

More than just a measuring device: Your reliable network storage

The Optimiser4D is not only a high-precision measuring device, but can also be integrated as a network memory for measurement data. This means that developers can easily access the stored data from their workstations. With the Optimizer's standard equipment, you can even perform your own calculations in Python or use the supplied analyser software to gain valuable insights from your data.​

Flexible access via VNC remote clients

Flexible access via VNC remote clients The Optimiser4D gives you the flexibility to access the user interface from anywhere. Using standard VNC remote clients, you can operate the Optimiser from your office or lecture theatre while it is monitoring a machine or component. This enables convenient and efficient remote monitoring and control.

Simplify your data management and optimize your network solutions with Optimizer4D. Discover the many possibilities and benefit from efficient data access and processing in your company.

Insight for computer scientists​

Indexing measurement data​

We also offer tools to quickly load our data into Python notebooks to enable rapid prototyping with different data.

The Optimiser is also available via SSH and VNC and can function as a remote server and workstation with the normal equipment in order to perform calculations directly in the Optimiser's file system and avoid overheads in the network.